Settanta Cinque (The French 75 gets an Italian Makeover)

Settante Cinque Cocktail

Last night, some new Parisian friends asked me to make a cocktail–something light and sparkly to refresh us in the balmy summer evening out in coastal Connecticut. My first thought was a French 75, a classic cocktail that I profile in STORIED SIPS, but we didn’t have any fresh lemons. What I did have was pink grapefruit. So I played around a bit, and came up with a fantastic summer sparkler that I’ll be making for the rest of the season.

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The Story Behind the Stork Club Cocktail


The Stork Club Cocktail

© 2013 Poul Lange

In the 1930s and 1940s, everyone who was anyone went to the Stork Club. The New York nightclub and restaurant was a hangout for the country’s elite, from entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball to politicians like Ronald Regan and John F. Kennedy, Jr. On any given night, the “King of Swing” Benny Goodman and his orchestra would be performing, while the club’s patrons canoodled over Champagne, cocktails, and caviar. Read More

The Bronx Cocktail, Updated (Or Rather, Backdated)


Bronx Cocktail

Orange juice, or no juice? That’s the question with a Bronx cocktail.

Orange juice in cocktails has never struck me a particularly appealing. I do adore the Stork Club cocktail, mostly for its vintage New York society flair (the Stork Club was a 1930s and 40s celebrity hotspot). But that’s about where I draw the line. So I was intrigued to stumble across a recipe for the classic New York borough drink, the Bronx Cocktail, that is juice-free, and another that is practically juice-free.

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It’s Time for March (Classic Martini) Madness

Photo Credit: Poul Lange has no shortage of excellent content, but their interactive Martini Madness contest is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen on the site yet. Their contributors researched most everything that’s been written on the world’s most iconic cocktail, distilling it into 80 drinks, with recipes and the occasional anecdote. Rules of the game? The drink must contain gin and vermouth. Everything else is up for grabs. Which recipes make it into the final NCAA-inspired brackets? You decide.

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Tasting Notes: Martin Miller’s Gin


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Martin Miller’s Gin

Newer gins seem to be taking a divergent path from the juniper-dominated London Dry style. It’s almost an “anything goes” attitude, responsible for turning out some interesting, feminine, floral gins like G’Vine, Hendrick’s, and now Martin Miller’s Gin. The first thing you notice about the latter is its fresh citrus notes (bitter orange peel, lemon, lime). On the palate, there’s some boozy heat and spiciness from the cinnamon and coriander, with a great, long finish of lemon, lime, and licorice.

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Cocktail of the Moment: The Last Word

A sublimely addictive lime-cherry elixir (Photo credit: Poul Lange)

A sublimely addictive lime-cherry elixir (Photo credit: Poul Lange)

The cocktail that most surprised me while researching Storied Sips was an awful-sounding concoction that involved equal parts of four ingredients. I liked the symmetry of the recipe, but was sure this recipe was headed for disaster. After a promising start of gin and lime juice was listed two typically overpowering ingredients—the herbal, bitter liqueur Chartreuse, and maraschino, a vivid cherry liqueur. The formula sounded like a muddled mess.

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