What to Drink Next: Barrel-Aged Boulevardier


I’m smitten with barrel-aged cocktails. I’d heard of bars around the country experimenting with this technique, but never tried one–until last night. At Maysville, NYC’s new Flatiron restaurant and whiskey specialist, I tried a barrel-aged Boulevardier that shattered the hype.

For the un-obsessed, a Boulevardier is made with whiskey (in this case bourbon), Campari, and sweet vermouth–it’s a Negroni with the gin swapped out for whiskey. I was fascinated by how the contact with wood, presumably for a matter of weeks or less, smoothed out rough spots and added new caramelly dimensions to my favorite cocktail. The technique only works on some cocktails–nothing with dairy or fresh fruit juice–but is an intriguing new way to enhance and expand on the classics.

For the overly obsessed, Tuthilhtown offer 1-liter barrels for the DIY cocktail crew. Cheers!