The Bowery Fix

Saxon + Parole's brilliant Bowery Fix

Saxon + Parole’s brilliant Bowery Fix

Everyone has their cocktail quirks. For moi, I’ll likely order the drink on the menu with the most obscure, impossible-sounding ingredients. Molé bitters?  Beet-infused gin? Celery juice? Count me in and make it a double. That may be why I gravitated to the Bowery Fix. It had me at bell pepper. Truly, most bartenders would never think to mix tequila, chartreuse, yellow bell pepper, mezcal, and chili oil together, but then again, mixologist extraordinare Naren Young at Saxon + Parole is no ordinary bartender. Props for one of my most memorable modern cocktails in recent memory. I’ll soon be going back for another.

Bowery Fix
Espolon blanco tequila, mezcal, yellow chartreuse, fresh bell pepper, chili oil

Cocktail of the Moment: The Last Word

A sublimely addictive lime-cherry elixir (Photo credit: Poul Lange)

A sublimely addictive lime-cherry elixir (Photo credit: Poul Lange)

The cocktail that most surprised me while researching Storied Sips was an awful-sounding concoction that involved equal parts of four ingredients. I liked the symmetry of the recipe, but was sure this recipe was headed for disaster. After a promising start of gin and lime juice was listed two typically overpowering ingredients—the herbal, bitter liqueur Chartreuse, and maraschino, a vivid cherry liqueur. The formula sounded like a muddled mess.

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